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At Amazing tattoo and mehandi design studio came in existence to give the customer a positive, relaxing, and private tattooing and piercing experience,Having seen customer experience in street shops, We decided to open a studio that is more quiet and comforting. Here, customers come to get tattooed, or for a free consultation, mostly by appointments, thus eliminating the confusion and chaos created by the walk-in only business of a traditional street shops. We have strived to create a welcoming environment for any customer to come in and relax. There is also plenty of space for customers to bring friends who can share in their experience. At At Amazing tattoo and mehandi design studio the customer is catered to with the utmost importance. When we meet with a customer, he/she is our top priority, regardless of the size of the tattoo. Therefore, the studio is ideal for not only first timers, but for tattoo veterans as well. Stygian Tattoo is more than a tattoo & piercing shop; it is an experience to be remembered. .

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At Amazing tattoo and mehandi design studio we create apex designs and customize according to the needs of customer. Our artists are well experienced and have worked for more than 10 years in this field now.

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Amazing tattoo and mehandi design studio . Our Tattoo Parlors also have facility of temporary tattoo, fake tattoo, Air-Brush tattoo both in Delhi & Gurgaon tattoo centers.We import/use pre-sterilized made in USA organic permanent tattoo inks from world renewed tattoo supply companies on which we rely based on our long experience with results..

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We're capable of Tattooing any style. We specialize in Asian, Realism and Custom Lettering. Follow us on Instagram to see our latest work. We accept walk-ins every day and pre-booked appointment are available 3 days to 2 months in advance. .

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Bridal Mehndi Artist in Gurgaon for all kinds of mehndi designs for occasions like ring ceremony, sagai and wedding etc. We offer complete range of mehndi designs including full hands mehndi & legs mehndi designs. Few of our latest bridal mehndi designs are:

Bridal Mehndi

It Comprise of complicated patterns with peacocks, flowers & several curves, curls in between without leaving much clear space. They are mostly done in fine lines covering the hands from the tips of the fingers to the elbows and the design on the feet extending from the toes to the knees..

Mehndi Atlas

Bangle style mehndi designs are increasingly becoming popular these days. It's a type of style in which mehndi is designed around your wrist, which gives a beautiful look on your hand. You can make an Arabic mehndi design or Indian mehndi design or any other design patters around your wrist to give it an edgy look.

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